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Heritage Club...Preserving the Mission

The YMCA of Greater Seattle is committed to strengthening the foundations of community through our focus on YOUTH DEVELOPMENT, HEALTHY LIVING and SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. Your commitment to Heritage Club membership is the strongest statement of support that a friend of the Y can make.

How Can You Become a Member?

The Heritage Club is composed of individuals who have made an outright gift or notify the Y that they have provided for a future planned gift, whether large or small, to the Y's endowment fund in one of the following ways:

What Are the Benefits of Membership?

The Heritage Club is a way for the Y to thank and recognize donors during their lifetime for demonstrating their commitment to preserving the mission. By notifying the Y when you make a planned gift you will be able to receive the benefits of membership and encourage other friends of the Y to consider making their own future gifts to the endowment. As always we will respect the wishes of donors who desire to be anonymous. Benefits include:

  • Your name will be listed in the Y's Heritage Club Membership Roster (unless you prefer to be anonymous).
  • You will be invited to the Heritage Club events.
  • You will receive information about YMCA programs that interest you, and have the opportunity to meet staff and participants from these programs.
  • You and your advisor(s) can consult with gift planning staff in order to ensure the best match between your charitable intentions and the Y's needs.

Complete the Heritage Club Member Information Form and become a member today!

More Information or Gift Notification

If you need more information about making a future gift to the endowment, or have already made a gift and want to inform the Y, please contact:

Magill Dickerson-Lange
Senior Director of Philanthropy
the YMCA of Greater Seattle